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TRANSPORTED: Kings Langley poet’s work to be launched into outer space in time capsule

 Published on: 26th August 2022   |   By: Christina Pantelly   |   Category: Uncategorized

A poet from Kings Langley achieved the lifelong ambition of having his poetry transported into space.

An anthology featuring some of Scott Hastie’s work will be included in a Polaris time capsule, which will be launched to the Moon’s south pole.

Scott’s work will launch via the Space X Astrobotic Griffin lander/NASA Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover (VIPER) Rover. The VIPER is a lunar rover developed by NASA and is currently planned to be delivered to the surface of the Moon in November 2024.

The rover will be tasked with searching for lunar resources in permanently shadowed areas in the lunar south pole region, and with mapping the distribution and concentration of water ice.

Leaving a creative legacy was one of Scott’s life goals and he described this latest initiative as a “truly stratospheric development” and potentially a whole new demographic for his readership.

Scott said: “This is truly a landmark moment for me, which has exceeded all my expectations. To leave something behind me that matters is really what it’s all about.

“It’s a validation; after all, you sit in a room by yourself, so writing can be a lonely pursuit. To think that my work touches people all over the world I’ve never met, is very rewarding and quite moving.

“My thanks go to to Samuel Peralta – USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller, Golden Globe nominated, Emmy-winning film producer who, entirely unbeknownst to me, took the initiative Stateside to make this happen.”

To find out more about the poet, visit his website at

Scott’s latest bestselling collections, Timeless and Splinters of Light, can be ordered online from Amazon or direct from his website.

Scott’s poem being sent to space is:

We are all prophets

Of our own existence

Are we not?


And come what may,

It’s always

Such a noble ambition

To leave telling traces

Of ourselves

Wherever we can.


Thus do all our lives


An enduring tapestry

Of pointed moments,

Albeit seeded with loss,

The ache of which will pass

Whilst such sweet emotion



See how potently

That narrative runs on!


And to guide us on our way,

Amidst the endless sway

Of needs and desire,

Delicate patterns made,

Filigrees of real meaning.


The absolute truth

Of raw emotions

Etched on our heart,

Left behind,


As pathways to tomorrow.


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