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Stephen K Amos has Radlett in stitches again

 Published on: 7th February 2019   |   By: Jake Levison   |   Category: Uncategorized

Popular comedian Stephen K Amos made a hilarious return to Radlett last month.

A packed Radlett Centre audience on January 24 watched as Amos covered a wide range of topics; from common talking points like Donald Trump and racism to more obscure ones, like dealing with the deaths of his mum and twin sister.

Strange topics such as those came as little surprise; Amos begins the show by saying: “Radlett, not everything that happens tonight is planned – there’ll be things going on that I didn’t even know would happen!” And he was quite right; due to his willingness to interact with the crowd, plenty of Amos’s best material came off the back of comments shouted at him.

A reoccurring bit throughout the show came from the comedian’s bewilderment when a supposedly Dutch audience member replied to Amos’s question: “What do you do?” with “I import fireplaces.”

Wherever Amos’s material took the audience, they knew it would be worth a laugh.

The 51-year-old, who has featured on BBC’s Live at the Apollo, was not afraid to make a joke at the area’s expense, either. When he made a joke he felt was worthy of a better response than it got, he quipped: “You were supposed to clap there. That is so Radlett – you’re looking at me like ‘I’m not f***ing clapping you, I’ve come out on a Thursday night for you, now entertain us.’”

He went on to state his disbelief at how many people had come out on a Thursday night, because he believed Radlett never left their expensive homes empty. The audience were fully on board with the Radlett jibes, so much so that Amos got his desired applause on several occasions.    

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