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SPEED STREET: Northwood homeowners express frustration with speeding on residential road

 Published on: 11th June 2022   |   By: Bryn Holmes   |   Category: Uncategorized

Northwood residents living on Joel Street have been conveying their concern over speeding vehicles on their road, with one stating it is “an accident waiting to happen”.

Simon Paul, who lives on the street, said: “It’s obvious to those that live on Joel Street how bad it is. Motorbikes roaring along, cars topping 60mph.

“Walking my 6-year-old son to school while he cycles can be hair-raising at times, and cough-inducing at others (when the traffic backs up). There is no way he could cycle in the road; we have to use the pavement.”

He also stated that as a result of the speeding, one vehicle ended up in a collision with a bus stop shelter on the road, resulting in the shelter’s damage and eventual removal.

Another picture shows skid marks on the road next to the damaged shelter, which he says indicates that the car that hit it must have been going at a considerable speed for it to make such a mark on the road after braking.

Fellow resident Simon Rutstein also spoke of an incident he’d witnessed. “Our neighbours on Joel Street once had a car crash through their front wall after speeding. We hear all the boys racers at night.”

Wendy Wood also spoke of something she’d seen on the road: “I wish the police would either stand there all day at the junction of Southill Lane with a speed gun or have a Gatso installed.

“The speed cars come down is ridiculous and how they cut that corner would make your hair curl. I saw a dog get hit by a car many years ago and it was truly horrific.”

Another person, Helen Spedding, said: “It’s an accident waiting to happen. Tried to engage the Safer Neighbourhood Police when they were based on Joel Street. Response? ‘We’re not aware of any speeding issues on Joel Street’. It’s dire.”

Resident Jackie Keane added: “It really bothers me with all the cars doing U-turns on Joel Street. They just can’t be bothered to either turn around safely or go to the roundabout.

“It’s very dangerous and I’ve had many a near-miss pulling out of Tolcarne, turning right to be met with someone doing a U-turn!”

However, John Beagley disagreed with this viewpoint, stating: “The speed bumps and parking set up make it impossible for cars to speed in the shopping centre.

“I’m afraid every street in London is subject to lunatic drivers. Some get caught eventually. To say Joel Street is worse than other roads wouldn’t be fair.”

When contacted about the issue, a spokesperson for Hillingdon Borough Council said: “No complaints from residents about speeding motorists in Joel Street have been received to date. Those concerns should be directed to the police in the first instance, as they have the power to prosecute.”

The local branch of the Metropolitan Police has also been contacted for comment.

Photo Credit: Simon Paul

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