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SPEAKING UP: Former Kings Langley schoolgirl lifts lid on alleged teacher abuse in national paper

 Published on: 24th March 2020   |   By: Amneet Kaur   |   Category: Uncategorized

A former Kings Langley schoolgirl has spoken out against her former teacher for sexually abusing through a national paper.

Hana Carter, who is now 26, wrote an article for The Sun, where she accuses her former schoolteacher at Kings Langley School of molesting her at the age of 12.

After starting counselling six months ago, Hana started digging into her past and into what she had to go through when she was a child. 

She said: “I never really got justice, I had to bury it and get on with it. I thought to myself, ‘I am a journalist and I work for quite a few national newspapers, so now it’s a really good time for me to speak about it.’ 

“It’s been in my mind for a while but I just never really thought it was the right time.”

In the article, Hana said that one day in Year 8, she went to fetch some split pins from a classroom down the hall, finding one of her favourite teachers sitting behind his desk.

She wrote: “Shay Pather, also known as Shayen, was the ‘cool’, young teacher at Kings Langley School – at just 27 years old, he was popular with the students. As I stood in front of him, showing him my model, he suddenly reached out and yanked my tie – knotting it.

“Still in his grip, he pushed my hair to the side and pushed his lips hard onto the back of my neck. Paralysed with fear, my eyes fixed on the closed classroom door, I froze as he molested me.”

She continued: “I went to my head of year office directly after it happened and I told her about it, her response was ‘really, are you sure?’” 

After a police investigation, Pather was allowed back to the school as no one had seen the incident take place.

Despite the fact he was not allowed to teach or talk to Hana, he still tried to make jokes or start a conversation with her in the corridors of the school.

A letter Hana wrote at the time read: “Some have come up to me and said how can it be true, he’s back here, you’re lying. 

“And for a 12-year-old it’s hard to take all that and answer. If I say I’m not allowed to talk about it then it seems hard for them to believe. 

“I should not have to put up with all this. If anyone could lie about this is sick and completely out of order.”

Pather was involved in another similar case in 2014, which lead to nine months’ imprisonment and his name being put on the sex offenders register for 10 years – he is now out of jail.

After having the article published, Hana was overwhelmed by the amazing response she received from people but was disappointed that the school didn’t respond to her when they were informed about the article going live.

Speaking about how supportive her family and friends were, she said: “The response has been completely crazy. I wasn’t sharing it for praise, I was doing it to hold the school accountable, to hold him accountable, and this has been my way of making them realise the severity of what happened to me.

“People’s words were so touching, really really sweet. They were sharing the article on their socials and there were more comments coming from there.”

We tried to get in touch with the school but have yet to recieve a response.

To read Hana’s full article, visit

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