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RUFFLED FEATHERS: How a ‘good deed’ landed this Ruislip lady a fine 

 Published on: 14th August 2019   |   By: News Desk   |   Category: Uncategorized

A Ruislip woman wants to raise awareness after she was fined for feeding pigeons in a park recently. 

Evlena Saltan, 68, said she was “speechless” when she was handed a £50 fine for throwing the crusts from her sandwich to the pigeons in Uxbridge. 

Despite the appeal, Evlena paid the fine because of the potential repercussions which could have seen her end up in court. 

Speaking to Northwood&RuislipNews, she explained how she is still incensed about what happened. 

She said: “It is crazy. I was shocked when it first happened, but still to this day when I think about it, it angers me. It is unjust, if you could see the sign which clearly states you will be fined if you feed them I understand but I couldn’t even see the sign.

“After receiving the fine, I walked around to purposely find the signs which said don’t feed the pigeons and it took me a great effort and around 20 minutes.”

Evlena said she wants to get her story out there to make people aware of what can happen if you do what you think is a “good deed”. 

“I want it to be publicised because a lot of people do it without knowing you shouldn’t be. What annoys me most is there isn’t any clear warnings about it.

“I have stopped a number of different people who I have seen feeding pigeons and warned them about the potential fine and some of them look at me like I am crazy. 

“I understand they are a pain (pigeons) but all I did was throw some crust to them. I recently saw a group of three men, who were builders and on their lunch break, throwing bread at pigeons for a couple of minutes and no officers went up to them. I get the rules but I feel like I have been treated unfairly.”

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