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ROAD WORRIERS: Croxley resident hits out over plans to close road for 10 weeks

 Published on: 1st March 2023   |   By: Bryn Holmes   |   Category: Uncategorized

A Croxley resident has hit out at the developers of the new homes at Killingdown Farm, after they stated that the driveable part of the road she lives on will be closed for 10 weeks.

Jackie Murray is a resident of Little Green Lane, a major road at the northern edge of the village that includes some wide portions of road, extremely narrow ones and one part considered so narrow it is mostly used as pedestrian path.

But now, due to the building of 160 new homes at the nearby Killingdown Farm site, she and other neighbours find themselves in a difficult situation, as developers Hill Group have told them that the more drivable parts of their road will be closed for 10 weeks.

Speaking to CROXLEYnews, Jackie said: “This part of the road is unsuitable for cars, its single track and full of pot holes. It’s been designated unsuitable by Highways and now the developers are expecting us to use it!

“We have elderly unwell neighbours who need access to an ambulance which would not fit down the lane, neither would a fire engine. One of the residents has horses and needs to be able to transport them, this would be impossible too.

“The lane is too narrow even at the Baldwin Lane exit and is being destroyed on a daily basis, widening the road by default.

“No one seems to care and Hill just seem to do what they like.”

A spokesperson from The Hill Group said: “We appreciate the concerns raised by the residents and are working closely with the Highways Agency to mitigate the impact of the road closure. We are exploring alternative routes and preparing a traffic plan to ensure the safety and accessibility of the area. We are committed to engaging with the community throughout the process.”

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