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Rescue dog needs op to stop ‘unbearable pain’ 

 Published on: 22nd January 2019   |   By: News Bulletin   |   Category: Uncategorized

A rescue dog found after being thrown from a moving van on a busy Watford road is facing a life-changing operation.

Bambi was found close to the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) on Tyler’s Way, Watford and was recovered by the local dog warden with Popcorn, the loving Lurcher who was also rescued by the charity.

Jackie de Friez, centre manager at the charity, explained: “Bambi came to us filthy, hugely underweight and she had sores all over her. 

“The memory of her mistreated and malnourished body is one that will haunt the staff for a long time.”

As dreadful as her general state was, it was not the thing concerning staff the most when they met Bambi.

Jackie continued: “When standing naturally, her back end curls under her hips and her back legs appeared to be buckling under the pressure.

“We call her the mermaid puppy because her back legs are so deformed they almost make the shape of a tail.

“We thought she had suffered a spinal injury due to being thrown from a van and the emergency vet who had seen Bambi before she arrived in our care had initially advised euthanasia. 

“Thankfully there are rules around stray dogs, which state an owner must be allowed seven days to come forward and claim their dog.

“It was clear that Bambi was in a lot of pain and struggling to walk, so we rushed her to our vets for a second opinion. 

“Here, we found out her condition was something she had lived with from birth. Bambi has one of the worst cases of something called ‘lateral luxating patellae’, which means her back legs need to be operated on to free her of pain.”

The operation will cost the rescue and rehoming charity £5,500 and Bambi is awaiting her surgery date.

Carol Spencer, a supporter of the charity who is currently fostering Bambi, added: “Because Bambi is a young dog, she’s desperate to run and play and she’s proven herself to be a tough little cookie as she battles her disability, but her fighting spirit is causing her further problems.

“She suffers from a constant sore on the top of her left foot, where she drags it along behind her as she plays. She over-exercises, desperate to run and play, and tires herself out so that she’s left having to play laying down.”

If the NAWT don’t help her now, Bambi’s condition will deteriorate and Bambi will be left in unbearable pain. 

If you would like to donate and help Bambi, visit

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