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Quiet day in village turns into havoc

 Published on: 28th May 2019   |   By: News Desk   |   Category: Uncategorized

What was a peaceful and quiet day in Abbots Langley turned into an eventful one when a van got into trouble.

ABN Window Cleaning contractors had been travelling from Woodside to Cambridge on a job for over a week until May 15 the van started “jumping” says driver Darren Sinclair.

The van had recently had a new engine and turbo fitted. 

He added: “It had been running fine all week until we got to the little roundabout opposite the Compass, and it stayed started jumping. The engine was screaming, absolutely screaming. I took my foot off the pedal, took the key out of the ignition and it was still screaming. 

“I tried to stall it, but the revving was so loud and the smoke covered the front of the van, I couldn’t see the road or the houses. I said to my colleague Dan ‘this is gonna blow’.

Alexander Mandrides, who was in the garden of the Compass Pub said he could hear high revving coming from the front and went to investigate. 

He said: “I could see a cloud of smoke, so I went to see what it was as I was curious. The van was pouring smoke, the engine was leaking and the drivers had bolted. 

“They said they had to pull over and once the driver took the keys out it carried on. Its coolant and water was just leaking from the engine. In the video you can see the owner go back to check on it after it stopped. I was thinking if the engine explodes then I’m not in a good position!”

The fire brigade was called to ensure the van was safe.

Alexander tweeted a video of the incident. To watch, visit

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