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POOR KITTY: Warning to pet owners after cat ‘doused’ in harmful disinfectant in Stanmore

 Published on: 12th February 2020   |   By: Jake Levison   |   Category: Uncategorized

A Stanmore woman has sent out a warning to other pet owners after her beloved cat was rushed to the emergency vets because it was deliberately doused in a harmful disinfectant. 

Victoria Seco, who lives near Park High school, was disgusted when the vet that treated her cat told her it looked like she had been drenched in Jeyes fluid on January 20. 

Mrs Seco, who didn’t want to name her cat, saw the damaging effects this ordeal had on her pet and doesn’t want it to happen to any other cats.

She said: “She went out as normal – she doesn’t adventure far, possibly three to four streets down from where I live – and she came back and my son noticed she smelt funny. 

“It was obvious she was doused in something and it was everywhere, her face, body, chest but it wasn’t on her feet which showed she didn’t walk in something and roll around in it.

“Then she became really sleepy. We couldn’t wake her up and then rushed her to the vets. We were worried sick.”

Even though it is unconfirmed whether her cat was deliberately targeted or what substance she was covered in, the cat had to be sedated and given a deep clean by the vet and was put on medication for a week. 

Now, Victoria claims the cat hasn’t been the same since and has started to lose her hair as she is obsessed with cleaning herself. 

Mrs Seco, who had to pay a £300 vet bill, now is warning other pet owners in Stanmore to keep an eye out for signs as it was clear in her mind someone did this deliberately. 

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