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Petition against Bushey park’s dog free zone 

 Published on: 17th December 2018   |   By: Jake Levison   |   Category: Uncategorized

More than 250 people have signed a petition to stop plans for a dog free area in Bushey Manor Field.

The proposal, which was put forward by the trustees of the field, looks at sectioning off an area of the field with a metal fence and banning dogs.

The Bushey Manor Field Trust is a charitable trust which exists to protect the field and manage it for the benefit of all residents of Bushey.

However, the petition’s creator, Kevin McHale, said: ‘’The trustees of the field wish to fence-off one part of the field, and exclude users of the field who have a dog with them.

‘’Currently, the field is a delightfully open and unspoilt space and is much loved for this reason. 

‘’The proposed metal fence will be an ugly imposition and it will create a ‘them and us’ atmosphere among users of the field.’’  

The plan, if accepted, will see a metal fence being built from the wooden gate in Grange Road across to the corner near Bushey Academy.

The fence will include entry and exit gates for both people and vehicles. 

The trust says the proposal has been talked about for several years.

Bill Penketh, who has been a member of the trust for 8 years, said: “During the time the trust has been around use of the field by dog walkers has increased dramatically. 

“The field is securely fenced so dogs can safely be let off leads. Hence people bring their dogs from far and wide to use the field.

“There are three pedestrian gates and we originally installed three poo bins. Then about three years ago we installed a further three bins to try to encourage dog owners to pick up after their dogs. 

“We also installed signs to say owners must keep their dogs under control. Inevitably, most owners pick up and control their dogs. However, there will always be owners who walk around on their while their dogs do their own thing. 

“The trustees posted notices around the field early in the year proposing to install a fenced area which should be dog free and invited comment. There were probably about 10 comments against and a similar number for. So, the Trustees decided to go ahead with fencing an area less than one quarter of the whole field. 

“This proposal was explained at a public meeting, attended mostly by dog walkers including several professional dog walkers. There were vociferous voices on both sides of the argument. 

“Those against it decided to raise a petition against the proposal. 

“The dog walkers want the whole field for their use, the Trustees feel it is their duty to provide an area set aside which should be dog free.”

For more information about the proposal:

To view the petition, go to and search, stop the partition of Bushey Manor Field

What are your thoughts on the proposal? Email to make them heard.

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