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PARKING PAIN: Rickmansworth woman allegedly verbally abused after parking in disabled space

 Published on: 4th January 2023   |   By: Bryn Holmes   |   Category: Uncategorized

A disabled Rickmansworth resident has hit out at a parking attendant who allegedly verbally abused her for using a disabled space.

Narinda Defrosies, 47, suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), a genetic condition which causes fragile skin and hypermobile joints. The severity of her EDS means she is eligible for a Blue Badge, but due to the fact that she does not appear disabled, she has often faced discrimination when using disabled parking spaces.

Narinda recently parked in a disabled space on Northway in Rickmansworth town centre. However, upon returning to the space, she was surprised to find a ticket on her car.

Narinda appealed the ticket but had received no response after four weeks. She then decided to park in the spot on Northway again. She returned to her car to find an attendant putting a ticket on her bonnet, despite her Blue Badge being visible.

Speaking to RICKYnews, Narinda said: “When I asked the man why I had been ticketed, he simply pointed to the sign while smirking and said: ‘Look up there and learn how to read.’ Apparently it was something to do with permits, but it wasn’t clear.”

A man living nearby allegedly began to shout at Narinda as well, accusing her of not being disabled.
Narinda said: “I’m so angry. I’m so sick of people judging me. I told both of them they were disgusting.

“Three Rivers District Council (TRDC) has made the sign deliberately vague, so people get caught out.”

A spokesperson for TRDC said: “The signs in this location state: ‘Vehicles must display a valid Zone A permit and a valid Disabled Badge.’ On this occasion, the motorist did not display a valid Zone A permit and a civil enforcement officer issued a ticket.

“The motorist concerned was previously issued a ticket in the same location which they appealed.

“They were advised in writing on November 25 that the ticket had been correctly issued but as this was their first offence and they may have been confused about Blue Badge parking in a Permit Zone, it would be waived.

“Nonetheless, the ticket had been correctly issued. The motorist chose to park again without displaying the correct permit, which resulted again in the issue, correctly, of this ticket.”

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  1. Le January 5th, 2023, 9:34 am

    Unfortunately due to the town centre being closed to motor vehicles and no new blue badge spaces being allocated near the shops to replace the now in accessible high street space the high street is now out of bounds to those that can’t walk from marks and Spencer’s or Talbot road and back.
    It would be possible to put 3 or 4 blue badge spaces at either end of the high street for day time use

  2. Narinda Desrosiers January 7th, 2023, 8:31 am

    I felt compelled to elaborate and address a couple of points raised in this article. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Marfans Syndrome which is a genetic connective tissue disorder that affects the heart, blood vessels, skin, joints/mobility, bone and lungs to mention a few and results in countless, regular hospital stays/appointments, painful procedures and medication for the pain but this is not obvious to those that don’t know me and is the reason I have a blue badge. In response to the spokesperson for TRDC I hadn’t received the initial appeal response and had I received it I wouldn’t have knowingly and deliberately parked in the same space again, I have disabilities I am not an idiot! I wouldn’t have parked in a permit holders space, preventing them from parking there had I known what permit A meant, it still isn’t clear frankly but I won’t be parking there again, although I have warned other disabled badge holders now that they can’t park there as it seems this is not obvious to them either. With regards to the parking officer that I made a complaint about, when I did receive the response it was suggested on their part that they could see he was in ‘conversation’ with me and shouldn’t have been but no further action was necessary! He was aggressive and abused his position but it seems a mere slap on the wrist would suffice, no empathy or remorse about his behaviour towards me was shown when he was smirking and joking the whole time thinking it was funny, even walking to stand opposite a local man who decided to shout abuse at me in the street from behind one of the shops “you’re not disabled” where they both continued to laugh together at me! I hope this picture is becoming clear! The point is that not ALL disabilities are visible so be kind! There needs to be more and accessible, allocated parking spaces in and around the town centre for sure, it seems parking has been made more difficult not easier as the council claim, especially with the new systems recently put in place.

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