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NOSY NEIGHBOUR: Fox moves into spare room in St Albans home

 Published on: 20th July 2022   |   By: Darius Morgan   |   Category: Uncategorized

On July 1, St Albans resident Katie Cunningham was busy enjoying a warm, but quite uneventful, summer night with her family. The doors to the patio were left ajar, but on this night they brought in more than fresh air.

As Katie’s husband Dave moved to close the doors, he noticed a funny shape moving about in the utility room. Surely the cat could not be making such a ruckus?

Upon investigation, Dave found a very skinny, young looking fox, with its head entrenched in the cat’s dinner. As soon as the fox noticed it’d been caught red handed, it bolted past David and took refuge in the spare room.

Katie said: “Dave informed myself and my brother, quite calmly, that there was a fox in the house. We thought he was joking. When he said no, SERIOUSLY, we came out and saw him.

“The fox looked very scared, just his sad little face and bushy tail poking out from behind all the stuff!”

Katie left the front door open and waited. Eventually the fox felt emboldened to leave, not before having a good rummage around Katie’s shoes and investigating a bottle of prosecco that had been left on the stairs.

Time will tell if the fox will make another claim to the spare room, though Katie says she has now stationed guards: “We haven’t been leaving the patio doors open unsupervised since!”


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