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GOLF GOALS: New Rickmansworth golf academy looks to change the way to learn the game (VIDEO)

 Published on: 20th July 2022   |   By: Bryn Holmes   |   Category: Uncategorized

A new golf academy in Rickmansworth has come up with an innovative new way to try and get more people, who wouldn’t play otherwise, involved in the game.

Colour Path Golf uses a method of colour co-ordination to teach golf in a way that doesn’t use too much technical work.

Founded by PGA professionals John Glenn and Kevin Merry, the new base of their first Colour Path Golf Academy and the six-hole soft play course is set to be the only one of it’s kind in the UK. It’s located at Rickmansworth Golf Course, managed by Everyone Active in partnership with Three Rivers District Council.

Using colour markers, the aim of the new way to play is to make learning to play golf easier and faster and eliminate some of the complicated technical talk that can often hamper the development given there is a lack of two way communication between the coach and student as there are no real clear reference points mapped out to follow.

Speaking to RICKYnews, co-founder John explained what each colour marker represents: “We use yellow, the brightest colour in the spectrum, to grab the students attention for the reference of the target lines. We use blue, a cool and calm colour, to mark the representation of the downswing path into the ball. Green represents the exit path where the golf club needs to follow through on. Red represents speed, power and control of the clubface and ball position and represents the fastest place in the swing. The colours really help students visually see what they need to do and begin to fast track the learning process.”

John also explained that the new, simpler method, which also utilises, external learning, visual cues, a DNA process of checking eye and arm dominance and other markers, will also really help adults and kids and those who are less physically or mentally able to make sense of the sport by performing some valuable tests.

“We wanted to create a concept that’s really going to help get more people into the game. Golf is always seen to be elitist, but we want to get to grassroots level and attract a different demographic and have more ladies and kids involved.

“If we can give an experience that is removing traditional barriers that still exist in the game and it’s visual plus makes learning the game even more simple, easy and effective, then this is great news for everyone. It’s also been very helpful for those who are autistic or those who are hard of hearing to see fast track results. We are able to change the way they play through simply following a colour coded roadmap laid out in front of you on the ground.”

To find out more about the academy, visit their website.

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