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What Trump teaches us

 Published on: 25th January 2017   |   By: Nik Allen

Whether you love him or hate him the new President of the United States of America is someone who everyone on planet earth has an opinion on.

I don’t like the man.

It’s beyond belief how he’s managed to become the most powerful person in the world.

I think he’s racist, sexist, disrespectful, an ego maniac, a tad insane and if left to his own devices (this man has access to the USA’s nuclear weapons codes by the way) very, very dangerous.

But anyone involved in the promotion of anything whether it’s a cause, a business or just bigging up yourself, can learn from old small hands.

There are three simple things he did to ascend the ladder to the top job in the USA.

  • He had a consistent message – he’ll Make America Great Again. And since being elected he’s not wavered from it. Consistent.
  • He knows what his audience wants to hear – someone will Make America Great Again. These are people who feel that the USA is no longer great – his message resonates with them. Targeted.
  • He knows that by repeating his message to his audience over and over again works – his supporters think he’ll be the billionaire with the funny hair to Make American Great Again. Repetition.

Whatever you’re business, whether you’re a plumber, estate agent or yoga teacher – having a crystal clear message delivered regularly to the right audience will get results.

Let’s take a plumber for example.

If you focus on one part of your service, let’s say – 24 hour emergency call outs. Clear message.

Then you ran an advertising campaign leading with the 24 hour emergency call out service in areas you wanted to work in. Clear target market.

And finally it has to be a sustained campaign otherwise there’s no point. Commit to advertising your message to your market over 12 months and the chances you’ll succeed become very favourable indeed.

At My Local News we can’t do anything about Trump, but we can help your business get its message across to your target audience every month.

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