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Who needs experts?

 Published on: 16th March 2017   |   By: Nik Allen

It was Michael Gove who famously said in the run up to the EU referendum last year that the public was ‘sick of hearing from experts’.

Well I’m not and I voted Leave!

See, many people claim to be experts because they’ve been on a couple of courses or read a few books.

But the real experts have earned that expertise the hard way – studying for years and practising their trade.

Dedicating themselves to be the best doctor, teacher, solicitor, accountant or long distance lorry driver.

See experts come in all shapes and sizes and in all sorts of professions and jobs.

I’ve always chosen to use experts wherever possible in my business dealings.

One example of this is my membership of an organisation called the Entrepreneurs Circle. It has brought together a team of marketing experts who really know their stuff and implementing their advice has really benefitted our business.

When you work with an expert, a real expert, you save time and over the long haul, money.

Cheap is very rarely cheerful.

I gain reassurance from working with someone who knows what they are doing. These kinds of people usually come with a great reputation and make life so much easier.

Let me share another example.

A friend of mine needed a cartoon for his website. He got two quotes for the work he needed doing. The first was from someone who is considered an expert in this field and came highly recommended.

The second ‘animator’ was found on a website which features freelancers from around the world. His quote was really cheap and his previous worked looked ok but he was clearly no expert.

To cut a long story short my friend went with the cheaper option. Three months down the line he’s still not received the finished work to the standard he was promised.

He gave up on it last week and went back to the expert who has already got the project going in a direction my friend feels delighted with.

So here’s to the experts and working with people who take pride in what they do.

Thanks for reading.



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