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The Tale of the Pink Spotty Unicorn

 Published on: 25th May 2015   |   By: Nik Allen

Strange title for this week’s blog but read on and all will be revealed. Trust me it’s worth it if you are interested in how a successful local business delivers remarkable customer service.

We hold our monthly team meetings at different venues every month. Some really memorable recent ones have been at the Epsom Races and at the Houses of Parliament.

While this month’s venue wasn’t as famous as the examples above it was an experience to remember for all the right reasons.

We went to The Feathers pub in Rickmansworth which is owned by a friend of mine, Jason Keen.

Jason owns four pubs in Hertfordshire which deservedly have a reputation for great customer service, stylish interiors and top quality food and drinks.

Jason Keen (on left) is laser focussed on his pub's delivering great service.

Jason Keen (on left) is laser focussed on his pubs delivering great service.

He’s built his business off the back of doing things differently and doing things really, really well.

Jason gave our team a memorable presentation about how to deliver awesome customer service.

Now we’ve all heard of Unique Selling Points (USP’s) but Jason and his talented team have turned that concept on its head and created PSU’s (Pink Spotty Unicorns).

What the hell is a pink spotty unicorn? Well Jason showed us a video which made a home hitting point using a PSU.

Imagine you were driving in the countryside and after seeing the usual animals in fields, sheep, cows and horses you suddenly saw a beautiful, 7 foot unicorn with pure white light emanating from its horn and mesmeric blue eyes you’d probably remember it. No, you would definitely remember it and share the experience with friends, family and colleagues because it was an out of this world experience.

Jason invests in his staff and trains them to give that PSU experience to every customer who walks through the door and make them feel super special.

My team loved it and we finished the meeting by dining in the pub (great food and PSU service by the way).

I’ve also followed it up by asking every member of our team how they are going to make our customers feel extra special.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you come across any pink spotty unicorns during your travels.



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