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I’m voting out

 Published on: 19th May 2016   |   By: Nik Allen

Unless you’ve been living on Mars for the past few months you’ll be aware that on Thursday June 23 the nation takes to the polls to decide whether the UK leaves or remains in the European Union.

I’m in the leave camp. Now I know politics can be divisive and the campaigns for both sides of the argument have sometimes strayed into polarising rhetoric.

But I feel that when you sit down and look at the facts we are better out of the EU than in.

Financially, socially and politically it makes sense to leave in my opinion.out badge

My biggest bugbear with the EU is the red tape and bureaucracy that seems to be at its heart.

How can nations that are far less influential globally than the UK have an equal say in the EU as us?

It makes no sense to me. This is isn’t Little Islander mentality, as some have labelled anyone who says they want to leave.

I simply think that we’re certainly capable of standing on our own two feet in terms of trade deals and political influence which won’t be watered down if we leave.

We pay millions to the EU every week and that’s money which could be spent on education, the NHS and hundreds of other more useful things close to home.

But whether you want to remain or leave I urge everyone to vote.

I’m staggered that people are so apathetic about voting on something which will impact theirs and indeed their children’s lives for decades to come.

On another note I’m delighted to announce the fourth My Heroes Awards evening will take place in December at The Grove Hotel in Watford.

Watch out for next week’s blog where I’ll go into more detail.

Thanks for reading Nik



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