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I Love the C Word

 Published on: 18th August 2016   |   By: Nik Allen

I absolutely love the Olympics.

And not just because Team GB are doing us proud.

For me it’s a celebration of some of the greatest virtues human beings can have, hard work, dedication, striving to be better and doing something positive with our lives.

All of the above qualities are evident in the vast majority of athletes competing in the Olympics – whether they win a medal or not.

I’ve watched in awe at the efforts and achievements of the likes of Mo Farah, Laura Trott and Jason Kenny, Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps and all of the countless other champions who have illuminated Rio.

They may come from different countries, backgrounds and take part in a variety of sports but one thing unites them – The C word – Consistency.

And that consistency begins far away from the bright lights, podiums and adulation.

It’s the consistency of training hard every day. Doing that extra stint when your body is begging you to stop – but for the elite athletes they do it consistently. Natural talent is one thing but being disciplined and motivated enough to be consistent sets apart the great from the good.

When that consistency is applied to hard work and talent, people realise their true potential.

I believe the same can be said in the world of business.

We know that running a business requires a lot of hard work but I also feel consistency is crucially important.

To survive and thrive we need a consistent level of good customer service.

Businesses need to train their teams so that they can deliver results consistently.

And when it comes to promoting your business the C word is also very important.

One off adverts here and there rarely gets you the results you want. But consistent advertising over a sustained period of time nearly always pays off.

So here’s to the supermen and women at the Rio Olympics and here’s to being consistent!

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