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Holidaying with Sir Richard Branson

 Published on: 26th August 2015   |   By: Nik Allen

Apologies for the gap in blog posts.

Like many of you I’ve just come back from my annual summer holiday.

Ten days in Crete under a boiling Mediterranean sun. While sipping G & T’s by a pool, covered in factor 50 and not doing much else sounds great I do find it hard to totally switch off from work mode.

That’s why I always make sure I’ve a good stash of audio books to listen to as my family soak up the sun and I try my best not to get burnt.

My favourite ‘listen’ during my holiday has been Sir Richard Branson’s book called Business Stripped Bare – The Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur.

In it he talks about his early days in business when he tried to do everything by his self.

I think a lot of business owners can relate to this. I know I was, and am to a point, still guilty of trying to do it all.

Sir Richard explained the importance of having experts working with you. I invest a lot of money in ensuring our team has access to training from experts in their field. And it is an investment as having well trained staff who feel valued always adds to the businesses’ bottom line.

We work with other experts in different parts of our business, PR, accountancy and HR. It reminds me of that old saying ‘No one of us is as smart as ALL of us.’

I’m also lucky that several of my close friends run businesses in different industries and I’m always getting tips and techniques from them.

Another thing I picked up from Sir Richard was his positive attitude. He’s had his fair share of setbacks but has always remained optimistic that he’ll have more success than failures.

It’s obviously worked for him as he holidays on his own private island.

His book is well worth a read or a ‘listen’ if you are like me.

Thanks for reading.



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