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From Ice Buckets to Adverts – The Power of Word of Mouth

 Published on: 25th August 2014   |   By: Nik Allen

I couldn’t let this week pass without mentioning the Ice Bucket Challenge which has swept the internet and dominated social media sites over the last ten or so days.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it (have you been holidaying in the North Pole?) it involves being nominated by someone to have ice cold water thrown over your head.

You then nominate some other people to ‘enjoy’ the same chilling experience.

Now here’s the really important part. People are doing this to raise money and awareness for ALS, or to give it its British title – Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

A dear friend of mine died from the disease in 2012 so I took the challenge, nominated some friends and donated some cash.

The story behind how the ice bucket challenge became so popular varies depending on which website you visit. One thing it does highlight without a doubt is the power of word of mouth.

Billionaire Bill Gates getting a dunking.

Billionaire Bill Gates getting a dunking.

It has spread so rapidly due to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook but the sharing, liking and re-tweeting is just the digital equivalent of telling your mate about something.

Do you remember when sharing a bit of news, an idea or a good / bad experience was done with a phone call, a pint down the pub or having a chat over the garden fence.

While these things may be not so common nowadays word of mouth is still extremely powerful. We buy into the idea more if it comes from a friend.

Our business has grown significantly through recommendations from advertisers who have had success with us. These guys are our most potent salespeople because when they tell their friends about us that all important trust is already established.

Anyone who has ever worked in sales will know a hot lead is much better than a cold one AND a lot more enticing than an ice cold bucket of cold water over your head.

Well done to everyone who has taken up the challenge and keep those donations, and recommendations, flying in.

Thanks for reading.



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