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Taking Time to Reflect

 Published on: 13th November 2015   |   By: Nik Allen

It’s been a pretty tough time for me recently as three close friends have passed away over the last few weeks.

I’m consoled, as I’m sure their families and friends are, by the great memories they shared with those who knew and loved them.

It’s times like this which makes you reflect on life as our own mortality is brought into sharp focus, especially as these were men around my age.

It’s times like these which make me realise what is the most valuable thing we have in our lives and that’s time.

One of my recent regrets is that I didn’t spend more time with those sadly lost friends.

But it’s made me even more determined to get the most out of whatever time we have.

I’ve always believed in enjoying life, looking after the people who matter and working hard to achieve goals and ambitions.

I’ve always encouraged my children to make the most of life. To work hard, take risks and believe in themselves.

It’s the same message I try to get across to my team at My News.

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