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Are you a Visionary?

 Published on: 2nd December 2015   |   By: Nik Allen

At one of the training courses I attended this year the subject landed on ‘who is your ideal customer?’

The presenter spoke at length about the importance of defining, as he put it ‘who is your who’.

He then went onto share an exercise aimed at helping businesses work out their target market and ideal client.

The reason why this is so vital is that by knowing ‘who your who’ is you can then market to them in the right way.

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs our VISION franchise magazine opportunity is already attracting a lot of interest from people keen to jump onboard.

This is despite it not officially being launched until next February.

But here’s the thing. We’ve turned away more enquiries than we’ve accepted. Why would we turn people away who are willing to invest in buying a franchise with us?Franchisee image

Well simply because we have a very clear idea of what it takes to run a VISION franchise and it’s something that’s not for everyone.

We have a clear understanding of ‘who our who’ is.

A successful VISIONARY (the tongue in cheek name one of our first franchisees gave himself recently) fits the following criteria:

They have time –A VISION franchise gives you a chance to work flexibly. This could even be regular part time, such as during school hours.

They have a sales background or a good understanding of sales – As the content is all done for our franchisees they only need to focus on selling.

They are willing to learn – A closed mind doesn’t make for a VISIONARY. We’ve got loads of guides and tips to share based on our decade of publishing experience and the right people are open to learning from us.

They are committed, determined and hard working – We know a VISION franchise works if you are prepared to work at it. Our team is there to help, offering support and expertise every step of the way.

If you would like an informal, no obligation chat about the VISION opportunity call me on 01442 257015 or email

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