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Are IKEA off their trolley?

 Published on: 22nd November 2016   |   By: Nik Allen

I’m in the process of moving into my new apartment.

And like many people the call of IKEA is strong at times like this.

I ordered a few items to be delivered last week and waited in for the delivery guys to turn up.

Now when you order large items from IKEA they often come in a load of different boxes.

This was the case with my delivery. The two delivery guys were affable enough but when I explained to them the distance between where they could park and to where the lift was (it’s a fair old walk) their faces dropped.

Now this should have been straight forward enough. A delivery crew needs to have certain equipment to make their job easy. A lorry is always handy as is a trolley of some sort.

But these lads were ill equipped – no trolley meant that they would have to walk the 30 or so yards transporting things back and forth. This would have been tiring and time consuming and all due to a lack of preparation and planning.

Thankfully for them and their backs I’d planned for this ‘long walk to the lift’ scenario.

During my initial trip to the Swedish furnishers I realised I’d be doing a lot more work moving the assorted items I was buying if I didn’t have a trolley. So I bought one for a tenner – from guess where – Ikea! hand-truck-564238__340

They sell them but whoever oversees their deliveries didn’t have the foresight to ensure their hard working delivery staff had access to one.

In business I try to make sure that all my team have access to the right equipment, support and training to ensure they can do their jobs to their best ability.

The delivery guys were thankful for the use of the trolley but going by the amount of other stuff they had to deliver they could have really done with being supplied with one as standard practice.

Often in life a little bit of thought and planning can make life a lot easier and getting jobs done a little less strenuous.

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