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Apparently Something is happening on May 7

 Published on: 1st April 2015   |   By: Nik Allen

Those who know me know I have a real passion for politics.

Some of my most enjoyable times running My News has been when the general election bandwagon rolls into the towns we cover.

This will be the third election we’ve covered and this one will be particularly fascinating, exciting and unpredictable.

One of the great things about being an editor is the access you have to those in power, especially in the areas we cover.

It’s been a privilege to get to know the likes of Richard Harrington, David Gauke, James Clappison, Dorothy Thornhill and other local politicians.

I’ve seen how hard they work. Especially Richard Harrington, the MP for Watford.

Richard Harrington MP has proven himself to be effective and hard working.

Richard Harrington MP has proven himself to be effective and hard working.

Over the last five years he’s represented the town I’ve got to know him reasonably well and he’s an extremely intelligent, decent and hardworking chap.

What I like most about Richard is he has had a very successful career before becoming a politician. He ran a property development business and knows how the world works outside the palaces of Westminster. As he says himself he’s too old to have ambitions to be the Prime Minister but young enough to make a positive difference to Watford.

He’s done a hell of a lot for Watford. Bringing thousands of new jobs to the town and being integral in big projects such as the Croxley Rail Link, Watford Hospital Link Road and encouraging big companies to set up there.

As a friend of mine who is traditionally a Labour voted said: “I’ve seen what Richard has achieved over the years and having got to meet him and listen to him he gets my vote. He represents the town before his party and that means a lot.”

I think Watford’s other political heavyweight Mayor Dorothy Thornhill is also doing a fine job. You can see the improvements she is bringing to the town, especially what was a tired looking centre.

It’s an if it ‘ain’t broke’ type of situation. I’d like to see the Status Quo remain. Richard re-elected and Dorothy still serving the community through the town hall.

The next six weeks promises to be very interesting indeed. Roll on May 7th.

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