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LOCKDOWN LITTER: Concerned Chalfont St Peter resident says stop to vandalism and littering fields

 Published on: 27th July 2020   |   By: Amneet Kaur   |   Category: Uncategorized

A landowner in Chalfont St Peter has been left “absolutely devastated” by a small number of residents littering, vandalising and trespassing on her land.

Resident Jenien Cunningham, of Grove Farm Stables, said there are a number of public footpaths across her land and she has given permission to walkers to use the edge of one of her fields to walk around. 

Speaking to ChalfontsNews she added: “Before last winter we rarely had any issue with the public on our land and have enjoyed interacting with the walkers.

“Throughout the lockdown, we have had some awful experiences. Some of these have included dogs running off leads through the fields of horses and sheep, cyclists trying to cycle across our land without permission resulting in a girl falling from her horse and breaking her spine, people attempting to take gates off hinges to avoid lifting a pushchair over it, people ripping down signs indicating private land, trespassing into woodland with animals known to be resident in, as well as people having picnics/gatherings on the land. 

“Most recently, this has developed to groups of young people bringing bottles and cans of beer and cannabis onto the land and leaving broken glass.”

Jenien said although she always enjoyed getting to know the local walkers, the issues she had to face over lockdown made her feel ‘absolutely devastated’.

She added: “The majority of people who have used our land to walk have done so for years in harmony with both us and nature, we are gutted for them as much for ourselves that some newer groups of people have ruined this for them. 

“I would like to ask these people to please just stop. I would also like to know why they do it? The littering is so dangerous, it could cause life threatening injuries to humans, dogs and wildlife too.”

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