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Ladybirds swoop into Radlett

 Published on: 24th October 2018   |   By: Jake Levison   |   Category: Uncategorized

Ladybirds have invaded Radlett in impressive numbers.

Radlett residents took to Facebook to ask why there were so many ladybirds flying around the village. 

Kerry Shreeve Akhlaq posted a picture of 15 ladybirds perched on her hand and said: “Can anyone tell me why I have soo many ladybirds in my house?”

Another local even wrote a poem on the phenomenon, labelled “LADYBIRDS, LADYBIRDS EVERYWHERE.”

The ladybird infestation is not exclusive to Radlett – in fact, people all over the UK have been posting videos and photos of the spotted insects in numbers.

According to the UK Ladybird Survey, a different kind of ladybird, called the Harlequin species, has flown over from Asia and are a huge threat to the other ladybird species in the UK, as they carry STDs that can kill them.

The Harlequin beetles are easy to spot – they are the opposite colour scheme of regular ladybirds, as they have black wings but bright red spots. 

The Harlequins are no threat to humans, but can leave behind a chemical-like odour and leave stains on furniture and fabric.

Experts say one effective method to remove clusters of Harlequins is to vacuum them when they appear to be sleeping or dormant.

Blocking up entrances such as windows and doorframes and draft spots can also reduce the number of ladybird entering your home.

If the bugs create yellow stains on surfaces and furniture, the best way to combat marks is to use white vinegar.

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