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‘JEALOUS RAGE’: Court hears how Hemel Hempstead man attacked DJ at his home 

 Published on: 6th August 2021   |   By: News Bulletin   |   Category: Uncategorized

A husband launched a violent knife attack against a DJ who had been having sex with his wife, a court heard.

Gavin Hedges, 54, was in a “jealous rage” when he armed himself with a large kitchen knife to confront Greg Nicholls at his home in Hemel Hempstead.

Footage played to the jury at St Albans Crown Court showed Mr Hedges approaching Greg Nicholls’ front door, where he hacked his Ring Doorbell to the ground.

When Greg Nicholls came out there was a confrontation in which he suffered a serious injury to his left hand. Gavin Hedges was bitten on the nose in the struggle before a neighbour appeared and took away the knife.

Prosecutor Alan Blake said: “There was a violent knife attack by Gavin Hedges in a jealous rage towards Greg Nicholls, who had been having an illicit relationship with Mr Hedge’s wife.

“Their conduct may have been thoroughly discreditable, but it does not excuse his reaction – arming himself with a large kitchen knife, confronting him on the doorstep and launching an attack.”

Mr Blake went on: “Mr Nicholls overcame and disarmed him, but not before he (Mr Hedges) caused a nasty injury to his hand.”

“You may have every sympathy with defendant for the way his wife and Mr Nicholls behaved, but it was not an excuse for the attack. Mr Hedges’ reaction was disproportionate, dangerous and criminal.”

The prosecutor said Gavin Hedges approached Greg Nicholls’ home in Wootton Drive with the knife that had a 20cm blade.

“He attacked his Ring Video Doorbell, hacking at it until it fell to the ground – deliberately removing the doorbell that would have recorded events.

“When Mr Nicholls answered the door, he said Mr Hedges stabbed towards his torso. He (Mr Nicholls) slammed the door and grabbed a large torch and used it to strike out towards Mr Hedges.

“When he answered the door he said Mr Hedges made a stabbing motion towards his torso.

“He slammed the door and grabbed a large torch and used it to strike out towards Mr Hedges.

“He grabbed the knife blade and it caused serious injury to palm of his hand.”

The jury heard the two men wrestled on the ground where Greg Nicholls bit Gavin Hedges on the nose – leaving both men bloodied.”

A neighbour who had been disturbed came to the scene and managed to disarm the defendant, putting the knife out of reach.

The police were called just after midnight on Saturday, January 2 this year and Mr Hedges was arrested a short distance away. His face was covered in blood.

Hedges was taken to hospital and allegedly told a police officer: “I have done it. I have got to pay for it.”

When interviewed by the police, he made no comment to questions.

Greg Nicholls suffered damage to the tendons on his left hand and was sent to a plastic surgeon to repair damage to the nerve on his left little finger. He also had injuries to his forearm and left ear.

Gavin Hedges, of Pescot Hill, Hemel Hempstead, denies alternative charges of attempted murder, wounding with intent and wounding. Mr Blake told the jury he had pleaded guilty to the criminal damage of the doorbell and having the knife.

Mr Nicholls, who works as a DJ and sound engineer, said he was watching music videos when Gavin Hedges turned up with the knife.

He said in a struggle he ended up on top of the defendant. ”I made myself into a dead weight. The fact of fear and adrenaline kicked in.”

When his neighbour appeared he said: “Get the f….. knife off of him.”

Under cross examination by Nicholas Whitehorn, Greg Nicholls denied he had gone to the home of the defendant and his partner hours earlier and had taken pictures and sent WhatsApp messages to “goad them.”

He said he had taken pictures of the home, but in September or October last year.

Mr Whitehorn said: “Can you see a discarded Christmas tree in the garden? It is a lie that you took the picture in October or September.” He replied: “No it is the truth.”

The barrister said: “You were goading. You wanted him to come outside because you wanted a fight. You were angry because your partner and your kids had left home. “

On police body-worn footage from Watford General Hospital that was played to the jury, Greg Nicholls was heard to say: “The night before last I told this person’s girlfriend to f… off.

“She had been hassling me for a few years. It is a little bit of fun sometimes. It was a little bit too far. So I said f… off. She said Gavin her partner will come round with a sledgehammer.

“I told my partner. She knows about it. I told her I was getting hassled by a drunken idiot.”

Case proceeding

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