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Hemel PCSO sent flirty messages to women asking for police help 

 Published on: 2nd July 2019   |   By: News Desk   |   Category: Uncategorized

A young woman who asked police for help over a neighbours dispute was sent a series of inappropriate and flirtatious messages from a Police Community Support Officer, a court heard.

Julian Randall-Stratton had been tasked with helping the woman, but a court heard he then sent her a WhatsApp message referring to the sex shop chain, Ann Summers with a “winky” emoji.

In one message he told her: “I love a good onesie” and sent her a photo of his legs.

In another he said: “Nothing better than comfy pants… Well there are some things better.”

He ended by telling her: “Sweet dreams, sweet dreams. I’m getting into bed too.”

The messages were read out in court today when Mr Randall-Stratton, who is 45, went on trial pleading not guilty to two offences of misconduct in a public office.

Luton Crown Court was told that, as well as contacting the woman, Randall-Stratton is alleged to have had inappropriate contact with three female members of staff at a Toby Carvery which was on his “beat.”

It’s claimed he put his uniform hat on the head of one young woman before taking a photo of her.

He then had a photo taken of himself pointing towards the camera over a caption saying “Have you been a naughty girl?” which he posted on a social media site.

The jury was told he responded to the “posts” of another female member of staff at the restaurant with the words “Hubba, hubba.”

He is said to have got another young woman to put on his PCSO uniform and then took a picture before posting it online with the words: “My new assistant.”

Prosecutor Douglas Page said the officer worked for Hertfordshire Police and was based in Hemel Hempstead where he was responsible for the Maylands Avenue area of the town.

He said: “There were a number of women he had inappropriate contact with.”

Mr Page described the contact and the messages as: “flirtatious and of a sexual nature” and went on: “the crown say this is inappropriate contact from a professional police officer.”

The prosecutor said the defendant, who lives in Hemel Hempstead, had abused his position as a PCSO to make contact with the women.

The court heard he eventually sent the woman who had contacted the police about a neighbours dispute a message containing a cartoon with the question “Do You Like Me?”

Underneath the recipient could respond to “Yes,” “No” and “Maybe.”

Mr Page said the woman asked the officer why he had sent it to her and he replied “Just wondered what you would say – sorry if I offended you.”

The woman is then alleged to have told him: “Men like you make me sick. Stop messaging me.”

Mr Randall-Stratton is also alleged to have accessed police computer records to get information on women he was contacting when he had no right to do so.

The jury was told the charges cover a period from January 2017 to April of 2018.

A former Toby Carvery waitress went into the witness box and gave evidence from behind a screen.

She told how Mr Randall-Stratton would call in at the restaurant around twice a week, usually when it was quiet, to talk to staff.

The young woman said that on one occasion, after he had visited, he sent her a WhatsApp message saying “You looked nice today.”

She said at the time she was only 18 years old and felt uncomfortable because she knew he was a married man.

There were other occasions, she said, when he would take her and her friend to work for their shifts.

She said another time, when it was quiet in the restaurant and Mr Randall-Stratton had been present, she was persuaded to put on his PCSO uniform.

The woman said she donned his hat, his sunglasses and vest, and pictures were taken of her wearing them and when she served a table wearing his police hat.

She said she was uncomfortable about the pictures being taken and tried to laugh it off, but she said she found out later that he had posted a picture of her on his Instagram account.

She told the jury of another occasion when he took her and her friend for breakfast and insisted on paying the bill at the end, telling her “I’m a ladies’ man, I’ll pay.”

Case proceeding.

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