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HEALTH HAZARD: Residents’ concern over rat infestation at  Lemonfield Estate in Garston 

 Published on: 26th October 2020   |   By: Amneet Kaur   |   Category: Uncategorized

A rat infestation at Lemonfield Estate in Garston has left residents very concerned and angry at the council for failing to tackle the issue.

Resident Margaret Jovanovski, who has the rodents in her loft, said the issue has been going on for months but she realised how big of a problem it was only a month ago.

She has contacted Three Rivers District Council and spoken to the Environmental Health team at Watford Borough Council but nothing has been resolved.

Margaret said: “I paid for someone to come in because the council couldn’t come out because of COVID-19. They’ve put poison all over but it’s all very unpleasant and awful.

“I was walking past the alley going towards the Coates Way School and I saw a rat there, it’s pretty grim over here. I’ve contacted the Environmental Health team and no one has got back to  me. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m not very happy with the council.

“I’ve lived here for 30 years and I’ve never seen anything like this, it’s awful, it just adds on the rest of the things that are going on at the moment. 

“Rats carry so much disease, it needs to get sorted, especially because they’re going towards the school.”

Another resident who wishes to stay anonymous spoke about the issue.

He said: “They have been running around the lofts. We have seen pest control vans in the area on several occasions and have seen dead rats on several streets on the estate. The council and environmental health are unwilling to do anything about this! 

“The noise the rats make in the lofts, the damage they cause and the diseases they carry. Also the dead rats around the estate are an issue for the residents with dogs.”

On a post on Facebook more residents complained about the situation.

A lady commented: “Our neighbour has had pest control out due to rats and we think they are coming through to us as we found droppings in the loft.”

Another resident said: “We did have them, at first we thought they were mice. However, I feel it will be only time before they are back again. Poison worked but the result was awful, maybe we should all get together and get the council to sort it out. There could be something wrong with the pipes.”

GarstonNews got in touch with Watford Borough Council who said Three Rivers District Council is dealing with the issue.

A spokesperson at Three Rivers District Council said they are investigating the problem and getting in touch with Mrs Jovanovski today (October 26) to try and resolve the issues.

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