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GONE IN SECONDS: Radlett resident shocked after rapid theft from car

 Published on: 18th September 2020   |   By: Jake Levison   |   Category: Uncategorized

A Radlett resident had a load of her belongings stolen out of her car as she was about to go on holiday.

On September 4 at around 6pm, Jessica was about to leave her house on Christchurch Crescent (pictured) to go away with her boyfriend, who was loading their luggage into her car. 

After briefly going back into Jessica’s house to get the rest of their things, her boyfriend came back out to find all of their possessions had been stolen from the car. 

This included an entire suitcase, a Minolta camera and a Fitbit. Jessica also said her boyfriend had a very sentimental item in the suitcase that was stolen.

Jessica told RadlettNews: “It was so shocking and so quick. My boyfriend left the car on the driveway for a second, in broad daylight and him, me and my whole family were like five metres away in the house. 

“We went straight to my neighbours to ask if they’d seen anything – it turns out that two men had spoken to them shortly before it happened, asking for directions somewhere. 

“The neighbours told them they needed to go left; the men thanked them but then turned right and ended up taking our stuff out of the car.

“My neighbours have a Ring doorbell, so we’ve watched the footage back. The police have the footage but have said it’s unlikely they can do anything about it. 

“You hear about these things all the time in Radlett, but until it happens to you, you don’t really take it in. 

“It feels like no matter what sort of security there is, it’s hard to prevent these things from happening. But I would encourage people to get Ring doorbells – my neighbour’s one was really helpful after the incident happened.”

If you have any information that could be useful to police regarding the theft, you can call them using the crime reference number 41/71093/20. 

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