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FRUSTRATION: Croxley residents and councillors clash at meeting

 Published on: 28th November 2023   |   By: Panayiota Demosthenous   |   Category: Uncategorized

A Croxley Green Residents’ Association (CGRA) meeting resulted in a clashing of heads between councillors and residents, who subsequently shared their annoyances on social media.

The meeting took place on November 20, and saw tens of residents and Three Rivers district councillors discussing local concerns and ideas for potential improvements.

However, following a series of interruptions, disruptions and general misunderstandings, councillors headed to social media to discuss their feelings over being unable to express their views.

Councillor Jonathon Solomons, who represents Durrants Ward, said on social media: “Good turnout, standing room only and lots of opportunity for people to air their views and clearly lots of passion for our area and some great insight too.

“There did seem to be a lot of frustration towards Three Rivers District Council (TRDC) and Lib Dem councillors (of which I am one) and indeed as I was trying to speak to explain a situation, was regularly interrupted and then when I asked if I could finish my point, I was told I couldn’t.

“So, as a councillor, how can I share information with you and listen to you, if this type of event is not one I’m allowed to speak at?”

The comments were met with further complaints from residents.

Resident Mark Saxon responded: “The trouble is historically the Lib Dem councillors who represent Croxley have, over the years, not done anything specifically for Croxley not found elsewhere in the district.

“You have consistently refused to devolve any powers, authority or land to the parish council, which you have treated over the years with contempt. You claim success for other people’s hard work and simply tell untruths and fabricate stories come election time in order to maintain power.

“I asked a prospective Lib Dem councillor to name five things that TRDC councillors have done purely for Croxley over the last 30 years and they were unable to do so.”

Deputy Leader of TRDC councillor Stephen Giles-Medhurst was not at the meeting but showed his support for cllr Solomons.

Speaking to Croxley News, cllr Giles-Medhurst said: “I was not present, but I understand from speaking to the councillors present that a lot of misinformation was being spread about both the Local Plan and the Red Cross building, which the Red Cross wish to give back to TRDC.

“As I was away, I was not able to attend as the lead member but I had sent the chair prepared and clear statements on both subjects that were requested, but I understand the chair decided not to read either out which would have, in my view, made the position on both clearer.

“I also understand that councillors that had a different view from the chair of the meeting were cut short in being allowed to speak, hence some of the Facebook comments.”

Councillor Natalie Reed, vice chairman of Croxley Green Parish Council, also responded to cllr Solomons: “It was impolite and ineffectual of that gentleman to cut you off. I also think that some people need to be mindful that councillors usually have specific remits and may not be up to speed on every single thing that happens in the area.”

Three Rivers District Council and CGRA have been contacted for comment.

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