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FANCY PETS: Watford rats Frankie and Freddie earn their places in the Guinness World Records 

 Published on: 5th August 2020   |   By: Dean Shaw   |   Category: Uncategorized

Pet owners from Watford will feature in the Guinness World Records (GWR) 2020 annual edition with their rats after they performed party tricks.

Luke Roberts and his wife, Jess, own Frankie and Freddie who became the first ever fancy rats to make it into the GWR. 

They are known as fancy rats as they perform tricks with Frankie completing the most high-fives in 30 seconds and Freddie doing the most jumps through a hoop in 30 seconds.

They have owned Frankie and Freddie since December 2018 and they have been training the intelligent animals since. 

Luke explained more to WatfordNews. He said: “Our goal was to show people that pet rats are intelligent, loving and ultimately terribly misunderstood. 

“Training happens in the same way you would train a puppy – with positive reinforcement. The golden nugget for our rats is sweetcorn, which is their favourite treat. 

“Depending on the trick, it could take anywhere from a week to two months for them to learn and reliably reproduce the desired behaviour.

“We are so proud of them, and we think they are great ambassadors for pet rats.”

The GWR 2020 edition is out in September with Luke and Jess having their sights on more records as Frankie has just learnt how to give kisses on demand.

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