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DON’T BE SHY: Prostate cancer survivor in Pinner urges men to spot the signs and get tested 

 Published on: 7th November 2019   |   By: News Desk   |   Category: Uncategorized

A man from Pinner who survived cancer is urging men to get their prostrate checked so those with the disease have the best chance of surviving.

Trevor Walker (pictured centre in blue), who is now a volunteer for the charity Prostate Cancer UK, is passionate about raising awareness and encouraging men to get checked as early as possible.

Symptoms can be changes in urinating habits, blood in urine or in semen.

However, as many as 80 per cent of men display no symptoms in the early stages.

Prostate cancer is already the most common cancer in men and is projected to be the most common cancer of all by 2030 despite women being unable to get it.

Cancer survivor, Trevor Walker, told PinnerNews: “I say better tested than permanently rested. I had no symptoms – a random test caught it in time.

“I am still alive and kicking and annoying folk over 20 years later because it was caught early enough.

“Sadly, unlike many I have known. If high risk or you have symptoms see your doctor as soon as possible. You can insist on a blood test if you have symptoms or are high risk and in your mid 40s or are over 50 years old.

“It is already the most common cancer in men and is projected to be the most common cancer of all by 2030, yet women, 52 per cent of the population cannot get it

“However, it is women who often suffer emotionally and practically from the disease. They are better at health matters than men and I urge them to nag their men to be tested and give support if necessary.”

Recently, Trevor visited Pinner Cricket Club who wore Prostate Cancer cricket whites to show their support.

He is also inviting those in the local community to get in touch with him if they want more information or support.

He can be contacted on

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