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COCKEREL CONSPIRACY: Radlett resident baffled by chickens disappearing and reappearing in coop

 Published on: 17th June 2021   |   By: Jake Levison   |   Category: Uncategorized

A resident with a chicken coop in her garden has been left perplexed by mystery cockerels appearing and disappearing on several occasions.

Rebecca Binstock, from Aldenham, found a cockerel in her all-hen coop several months ago and couldn’t figure out where it came from.

Several days later, the cockerel disappeared overnight. Not long after, two other chickens appeared in the coop overnight.

Rebecca told RADLETTnews: “I knew someone was breaking into the coop to put them there, but I had no idea how or why.

“When the two new cockerels appeared, I set up more security because I knew he would come back.

“I put a security camera in the coop and a few days later, a man came and took one of the chickens. We saw him on the CCTV but couldn’t clearly make him out.

“After that, I upped the security in my garden by setting up barbed wire and putting an alarm in the coop.

“He hasn’t come back since, so I still have one of the chickens that he put in the coop. I’ve spoken to the police about the situation, but they haven’t been able to trace anyone yet.

“One of my neighbours also had a chicken coop a few years ago and she said the same thing used to happen to her, except the chickens that turned up were sometimes injured.

“She would nurse the cockerels back to health and then once they had recovered, they would disappear again.

“Our theory is that the chickens are being used for cockfighting and the man putting them in the coop is part of an underground cockfighting ring.

“The cockerels that have turned up at my coop haven’t been injured, but we think they are being put in there with the hens to get them fired up before a fight.”

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