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Charity speaks out over locked toilets in a school in Bushey saga

 Published on: 22nd May 2019   |   By: News Desk   |   Category: Uncategorized

A charity has said it was “horrified” to hear a school in Bushey had locked its toilets during lessons. 

Last month, BusheyNews reported that 15-year-old Bushey Mead student, Myfanwy Taylor-Bean, collected almost 500 signatures against the ruling.

The school has since changed its rules to allow students to use the toilets 15 minutes before and after breaks and disabled toilets are open. 

Carolyn Andrews, a director at Chronic Urinary Tract Infection Campaign (CUTIC), has spoken out stating that forcing children to hold their urine can cause serious problems. 

She said: “I was horrified that any school can deny children the right to go to the loo – everybody needs to go. Scientists now know that urine contains over 500 pathogens which can cause serious damage to the bladder if children are forced to hold it in.

“Any school locking students out of toilets is, in our opinion, behaving irresponsibly as it as harm can be caused to health by not permitting free use of toilet facilities. Opening disabled toilets is a small gesture on the part of the school but it does not allow all students free use of toilet facilities and may still result in holding of urine for dangerously long periods of time.

“We consider this is a health hazard and can cause both girls and boys to hold urine for dangerously long times which can cause a urinary tract infection (UTI) to occur. A percentage of these occurrences may become recurrent or chronic causing misery to young people growing up.”

Carolyn lives in Bushey and has set up a support group for anyone with a chronic urinary or bladder issue to share with others who are suffering. If you would like to attend the support group email 

She added: “We sadly now know of 25 children who are suffering from what they have been told is an incurable chronic condition. We believe that there are actually many more young people suffering with this condition. 

“Holding onto urine for lengthy periods of time can cause the bladder to inflate and as urine contains several hundred pathogens, some very harmful, these can become embedded into the bladder wall if the person is not permitted to pass the urine out.”

To know more about chronic urinary tract conditions and the work of CUTIC, visit and

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