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BOTCHED BUILD: Chorleywood resident left with leaky roof and head injury after bungled building job

 Published on: 20th August 2022   |   By: Bryn Holmes   |   Category: Uncategorized

A Chorleywood woman has alleged that a building company she hired to repair her roof botched the job, dropped a drill on her head, and are now refusing to pay her a court order of £10, 455.

Suzanne Powell says she hired Manor Roofing and Building Ltd in June 2021 to carry out work on her chalet bungalow’s roof and porch.

Speaking to CHORLEYWOODnews, she said: “They had five-star reviews and seemed like very nice people.

“But on the first day, they came along and stripped off the whole flat roof. When it started to rain, they left and told me they’d make it watertight. It ended up flooding the house.”

According to her, the builders returned, but after three days, they stated that the job was complete and presented her with an £8,000 bill. Ms Powell stated she would pay them on Monday (Friday was the date), but on Saturday, it rained, causing the roof to leak again.

A week after the work began, the roofers returned to fix the porch. During this work, when Ms Powell left the house, a drill fell from the roof and landed on her head.

Ms Powell stated: “The guys mopped me up, but I was still pouring with blood. I was taken to Mount Vernon hospital in Northwood, but they told me to go to A&E. When they took me there, they left me.

“All the while I was in hospital they kept phoning me to ask where the money was. When I went home, the porch was leaking even more.”

Ms Powell said she eventually gave in, and paid £6,500 of the bill, with the understanding that they’d get the rest when they came back to complete the work. However, this never happened, despite her chasing them back. She also stated the money went through to a different company name.

After she got a quote from another builder, who stated she would have to pay twice as much to repair the damage the roofers had done, Ms Powell said a man returned from the company for repairs but became incredibly defensive and refused to fix anything.

Eventually, Ms Powell took the business to civil court. In a court document seen by CHORLEYWOODnews dated to January 31 this year, the court ordered the director of Manor Roofing and Building Ltd, Shane Doherty, to pay £10,000 in debt, plus a further £455 in costs.

Despite this, she says she’s not seen any of the money so far. Speaking about her experience, Ms Powell said: “Nobody will help me get the money. They could have killed me. Even now, I feel like crying about it.

“It’s so unjust. I’ve got a roof that needs fixing, and I can’t afford to.”

CHORLEYWOODnews attempted to contact Manor Roofing and Building Ltd for this story, but no contact details could be found online and according to the government Companies House website, they are currently in the process of closing down.

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