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BE KIND: Hemel Hempstead lady encourages people to be kinder when driving

 Published on: 13th March 2020   |   By: Amneet Kaur   |   Category: Uncategorized

Hemel resident Wendy Godleman is encouraging people to be more kind and patient when driving in the area.

Wendy found herself and her daughter involved in an unpleasant experience when her car broke down at the busy junction of Longlands and Adeyfield Road on February 29.

She said: “I stopped at the junction waiting to pull out and as I tried to pull away, my car wouldn’t move, but was still running. I turned it off and on again and still it wouldn’t move. 

“Whilst I was trying to get my car to move, people were honking their horns. I was already very emotional, due to some devastating news that I had received that week. I got out of my car to try and push it off the road.

“I was extremely upset and frustrated and my daughter had gotten out of her side of the car and was also extremely distressed and still people were honking and not offering to help, even a police car drove past.”

After a while someone noticed the distressed mum and daughter and stopped to help.

One of the drivers, Linda Fawkes, and her daughter helped push the car off the road whilst Wendy was steering.

Another lady also came running out of the nearby flats as she had seen what had happened.

Wendy later saw her mum’s car pull up at the junction.

Whilst trying to sort out the problem, Linda tried the car again and it finally moved.

Wendy continued: “Linda offered to follow me home, but as my mum was there, she followed me, to make sure I got home safely.  

“I can’t thank Linda enough and it’s a shame there’s not more people out there like her.  I would always help someone in need of help and I’m deeply saddened that there are so many rude and unhelpful people in this town. 

“I urge everyone to be kinder and stop to help someone in need.  Stop and think how you would feel in their position.”

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