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BE CAREFUL: Car driver faces near collision with e-scooter rider in Hemel 

 Published on: 15th June 2021   |   By: Amneet Kaur   |   Category: Uncategorized

An angry driver who faced a near collision with an electric scooter rider this morning (June 15) is encouraging people to drive safely.

It happened when the driver was coming down Hobbs Hill Road and going down onto Athelstan Road, Hemel Hempstead.

The car driver wishes to remain anonymous and he spoke to HemelNews about the near crash.

He said: “I’m angry because he most likely did not consider what else could have happened to himself, myself, or to others.

“He had no intention to queue at the junction and just steam-rolled across the opposite side and across adjoining traffic – that’s both dangerous and careless whether on a bike or scooter.

“E-scooters are no more dangerous than e-bikes, providing they are purchased from high-quality and approved dealer. The rider has total control over its speed and the rider’s safety. If they can’t control these aspects, the scooters can become deadly weapons.”

The car driver also warned residents by writing a post on Facebook.

One person replied saying: “That was close! You’d think the survival instinct would be enough to deter such idiocy. Driver may get the blame (although with this footage, that’s debatable) but he is far more vulnerable in terms of life and limb.”

Another person added: “These scooters are a menace! Well done you for quick reaction time though. I was in town a few months ago when my two-year-old son nearly got run over by one going full speed through the town centre. He then had the cheek to say that my son should be wearing reins… In a pedestrianised area.”

Electric scooter sales are not legal to ride anywhere and everywhere while the UK government continues trials to ascertain how they can be used safely.

Rental e-scooters were made legal on British roads from July 4 last year.

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