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ANIMAL ADVOCATES: Brothers from St Albans team up to bring an end to cruelties of factory farming 

 Published on: 16th March 2021   |   By: Holly Bullen   |   Category: Uncategorized

Two brothers from St Albans have stepped up to advocate for animals in a bid to end the atrocities of factory farming.

Benji, 12, and Oliver, 9, have been busy over lockdown creating Lego models and drawings of the cramped conditions, as well as writing letters to their local MP to raise awareness of the cruelty of factory farming and the alternatives that are available.

Their determination does not stop there however, as they are helping make their friends aware of the suffering of animals and are in the process of trying to implement ‘meat free Mondays’ in their schools.

Benji said that he stopped eating meat after realising that the meat he was eating was from pigs, which are his favourite animals.

He said: “I stopped eating meat because my favourite animals are pigs and then I discovered that a lot of the meat I was eating was from pigs.”

The brothers have been illustrating the cramped conditions created by factory farming by making Lego sculptures of the cages.

Oliver also wrote to Daisy Cooper MP to ask for her support against factory farming.

Oliver said: “In the letter I just said what is wrong with factory faming and what happens to the animals. It’s bad because they are really cramped together and they can barely move because of the cages.”

Benji added that part of the problem is that many people are unaware of where the meat they eat comes from due to a lack of clarity on packaging labels.

He said: “It’s hard to tell if it’s factory farming because all the companies try and hide the evidence that they are factory farmed.

“Basically if it doesn’t say free range on the packet it’s factory farmed.”

The brothers shared a similar message of advice to those who want to help make a change, highlighting the impact one person can make.

Benji said: “I would say stop eating meat altogether but that is a bit extreme for some people, so my advice is either to get free range meat or just eat less meat like have one day a week without meat.”

Oliver added: “Factory farmed animals are squashed together so much that they can hardly move and they never see sunlight. If everyone stops eating factory farmed meat it will still make a big difference.”

Check out more information on factory farming at the Compassion in Herts and Bucks Facebook group.

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