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Amazing Grace – the moment eight-year-old daughter saves father’s life

 Published on: 19th March 2019   |   By: Jake Levison   |   Category: Uncategorized

An eight-year-old girl from Garston kept her cool and called for an ambulance when she found her dad on the sofa with blood coming from his mouth.

Grace Herbert and her dad James, 56, were out cycling at the park on Saturday, February 23 when James said he was feeling unwell and decided to go back home to rest.

Shortly after returning to their house on Newhouse Crescent, Grace found her dad having a diabetes episode.

Speaking to GarstonNews Grace said she panicked and dialled 911, not 999 at around 2.14pm but was fortunate it was put through to the ambulance call handler. She was crying and scared at first but held her cool in a brave call.

She said: “I was alone when we got back from riding then I had to call the ambulance. I used my dad’s phone to call as mine didn’t have any charge in it.

“I did cry and panic for a bit. I was walking around the house to calm myself down.”

James couldn’t remember but described the moments leading up to his collapse. 

He said: “We went to the park on our bikes then I felt a bit weird. I had a feeling a hypoglycaemia attack was coming but there wasn’t anything I could do to stop it. 

“The paramedics reckon it was because of stress and I might have had a seizure which doesn’t normally happen – you just pass out instead. The paramedics said I must have bit my tongue or cheek.”

“This was the first time I’ve ever had something like this happen. I’ve been under a lot of pressure recently.”

Grace added: “You couldn’t remember anything – not even our cat Jasper.”

Ambulance crews had to be let in by Grace at the back of the house because she couldn’t find her dad’s keys. 

Grace said: “The ambulance was giving good instructions. They told me to get my dad on the floor, but I couldn’t. It took the ambulance to arrive in about two or three minutes – it didn’t take them long.

“I told the ambulance what my dad took as he couldn’t remember. It was the first time I got to sit in an ambulance.

“I had to go out with no shoes on and I got my socks dirty – they went from pink to all brown.”

James woke up in the back of the ambulance and the first thing he saw was Grace’s smiling face.

“It was lovely waking up to Grace in the ambulance. When I did, I asked the ambulance what happened, and they said my daughter called us. 

“I am so proud I am of her, how brave she was, and you didn’t panic a lot.”

He added: “I tell her all the time in case something like this happens. It’s all very well telling but I think she did great – she definitely helped me in time and I’m glad I told her what to do. She knows where she lives and our phone number.”

James has cystic fibrosis and has had Type 1 and 2 diabetes for 10 years due to his condition and takes tablets to control it.

Grace’s mum said she was so proud and as a treat took her to the Harvester where she ordered a huge ice cream. 

A spokesperson for the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust said: “Grace stayed calm and kept talking to our call handler until the ambulance arrived.

“We commend Grace for her bravery and her grown-up reaction. Incidents like this show how important it is to teach children how to call for help in an emergency.

“Phoning us is not scary: we are here to help and will always stay on the phone with children until an ambulance arrives.”

MyLocalNews has obtained the recording of Grace’s call to show her outstanding bravery. To listen to this visit 

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  1. Amanda Cerasale March 19th, 2019, 9:05 pm

    You good girl Grace well done your family and friends should be very proud of you.

  2. Sandy March 20th, 2019, 6:36 pm

    Well done Grace!wishing you well Jimmy x

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