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‘WE NEED LEADERSHIP’: St Albans MP says election needed to end ‘zombie’ parliament 

 Published on: 30th October 2019   |   By: News Bulletin   |   Category: Uncategorized

Yesterday (October 30), during the debate on a General Election motion, St Albans MP Anne Main said the country needs an election as MPs have thwarted the Government at every turn.

Mrs Main said we need leadership and a Government with a majority.

Following Anne’s speech and the vote to have a General Election on the December 12. Mrs Main said: “I am pleased that we are going to be having a General Election after opposition parties have finally stopped voting against letting their constituents have their say. 

“This election should release this zombie Parliament from its chains and hopefully we will have a strong Government that is able to deliver for the people of this country. 

“For too long a majority of MPs in Parliament have thwarted the Government at every step of the way, including its ability to progress with a Withdrawal Agreement that is desperately wanted by businesses and people across the country. 

“The public want to see an end to this uncertainty which is extremely damaging. That is why the Conservative party will campaign to get Brexit done and move on with our exciting domestic agenda. 

“The public will have a straight choice. The Liberal Democrat leader is advertising herself as the next Prime Minister, and the leader of a delay and remain Government. 

“We all know that the leap from 19 MPs which they currently have, to the 326 required to form a Government is beyond the realms of possibility. The choice will be a strong Conservative government that will respect democracy or a radical Jeremy Corbyn Government, propped up by the Liberal Democrats.

“I don’t believe the country has ever forgotten the horse-trading and broken promises by the Liberal Democrats on tuition fees and I am sure that will be considered when we hear them say they would not support a Corbyn Government and his radical leftish agenda.

“Only one party is promising to respect democracy and deliver a more prosperous future for our country with more investment in our schools, NHS and police as a priority. 

“Labour and the Liberal Democrats will campaign on a remain ticket to deliver a Corbyn-led remain Government with policies that will wreck our economy; such as a 4-day week which would slash wages of those on low incomes, abolishing private schools costing the tax payer billions to pay for lots more school pupils and holding two divisive referendums on Scottish independence and one on their ‘new Brexit deal’ which they would then campaign against.

“I look forward to making the case for a Conservative Government with the people of St Albans and I will be standing on my record as a hardworking MP that has always been St Albans voice in Westminster, not Westminster’s voice in St Albans. 

“There is no local issue that I haven’t been involved in and I will always speak up for the best interests of my constituents if I have the privileged of being re-elected as their MP.”

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