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WATCH OUT: Pedestrian in Abbots Langley outraged after dog is nearly hit by cyclists 

 Published on: 18th December 2020   |   By: Jake Levison   |   Category: Uncategorized

An Abbots Langley resident whose dog was nearly hit by a reckless cyclist is urging people to be more careful.

Joan Williams and her friend were walking their dogs near Leavesden Park recently when they came to a set of traffic lights. They pushed the button and waited for the lights to turn red before beginning to cross.

As they were in the middle of the road, an approaching man and woman on push bikes continued cycling even though the lights had been red for some time.

Despite Joan and a witness shouted at the bikers to stop, they ran the red lights and nearly hit Joan and her dog.

Joan explained: “It was so clear that we were supposed to cross and the man and woman on the bikes had so much time to slow down, but it seemed like they actually sped up – they knew exactly what they were doing. 

“With a motorbike or car, they can be held accountable. But push bikes have no means of identification other than a description of the person – they should really have number plates as well.

“I did call the police but they said I’d told them too late on, even though it was actually only half an hour after it happened. 

“There were witnesses, one of whom was in a car – he shouted at the bikers to stop as they approached.

“I think pedestrians need to be very wary of bikers like that. I also think bikers themselves need to understand that the rules of the road apply to them as well.”

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