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Traffic survey could reduce speed limit in Chorleywood

 Published on: 19th December 2018   |   By: Jake Levison   |   Category: Uncategorized

The chairman of Three Rivers District Council (TRDC) said he hopes the traffic survey being carried out in Chorleywood changes the village’s most dangerous roads into “lifesaving zones.”

Councillor Phil Williams, a Chorleywood resident, hopes that the traffic surveys being carried out in the area by the Hertfordshire County Council will show that areas prone to speeding need to have their speed limit reduced to 20mph.

He said: “The traffic survey is electric, so it’s tied to trees and lampposts in Chorleywood and monitors speed and amounts of traffic.

“We’ve been pushing for this with regards to accidents that have happened in Chorleywood recently.

“Specifically, by Chorleywood Primary School, there have been accidents recently and cars are going too fast outside the school.

“Chorleywood Bottom is another area where cars are speeding, so we’re hoping after the results of the survey come out in the New Year, we can start the process of getting some roads down to 20mph.”

The councillor admitted that the process is unlikely to be over quickly.

He added: “It won’t happen overnight, but this is a start and it’s something we can take forward. You always want to try and sort these things out before there are any fatalities.

“Prevention is far better than waiting until after something happens, so hopefully the results do support turning these roads into 20mph zones: lifesaving zones.”

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