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There’s a new therapy dog in town

 Published on: 14th January 2019   |   By: News Desk   |   Category: Uncategorized

Australian labradoodle, Kiki, is the new therapy dog in Bushey.

Therapy dogs, including other pets, are used to visit people in hospitals, retirement homes, schools and many other situations to provide a sense of comfort for those that would benefit from it.

Kiki works under the nationwide charity, Pets As Therapy (PAT), who have been working with volunteers and their animals since 1983.

PAT work to enhance health and wellbeing in the community through these visits.

Kiki and owner, Dani Bond, both love working for the charity as there work makes “people smile who aren’t in happy situations” says Dani.

She said: “Kiki makes me proud. We both love what we do. Kiki is amazing, she is very placid and she is a very well behaved dog, even as a puppy. 

“She is amazing. She qualified straight away and we knew that she would. Me and my husband got her knowing the direction we wanted to go in.”

She added: “The charity is amazing. The work they do makes a lot of people smile who aren’t in happy situations.”

Dani, who runs a weightloss group online, explains how her personal experience with a PAT dog made her look into it and get Kiki for that exact reason.

She said: “I had breast cancer three years ago and when I was in hospital they brought in a PAT dog. The room suddenly was lit up by everyone smiling at the dog or because of the dog.

“It made me want to start working for the charity. My husband and I do a lot of charity work but doing it alongside Kiki just feels right.”

To use the Kiki’s services or for more information about what a PAT dog/pet does you can visit the charities website at

A spokesperson of the Pets As Therapy charity, said: “Pets As Therapy relies on inspiring and dedicated volunteers like Dani, who make visits with their delightful pets. Dogs like Kiki bring so much joy to people in the community. It’s great to hear of a new PAT Team that are making a difference in Bushey.”

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