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NO BULLSHIT!: Man who thought coronavirus was ‘bulls***’ treated at Watford General Hospital

 Published on: 27th September 2020   |   By: Amneet Kaur   |   Category: Uncategorized

A man who thought COVID-19 was ‘bulls***’ is now being treated at Watford General Hospital and is encouraging people to take the virus seriously.

Chris Grailey, 29, from Manchester fell seriously ill with COVID-19 and is now in a hospital bed in Watford, breathing with an oxygen mask, not knowing if he will ‘come out the other side’.

Chris said he had no underlying health conditions and was convinced he would not be affected.

He caught the virus while being on holiday in Spain and has now posted a video on social media urging others to take the situation seriously.

The holidaymaker sent a poignant message in a video shared with the Manchester Evening News (MEN).

Chris said: “I caught it in Tenerife thinking I was invincible, not wearing a mask.

“I paid the price. I have got no underlying health issues. I don’t want anyone making the same mistakes as me.

“Now I’m in intensive care, waiting to get more treatment, and not knowing if I’m coming out the other side.

“So I really want you to take this message on board because it could happen to anyone, please please take care.”

Chris who was also diagnosed with acute pneumonia is based in Watford for a work project.

In a Facebook post, he wrote: “The way I have felt in the last week has been as close to hell I have ever been – I honestly sat there and was ready to just give up.

“I can’t breathe, walk, move. I’m like a zombie.

“I am on four different antibiotics, steroids, oxygen 24/7, more holes in my arm than a junkie.

“The reason I’m showing you all this is because I was the first to say it was all bullshit and “nah f**k it we are young we won’t get it, it’s only bad flu, government conspiracy Bla bla bla wrong!”

Picture credit: MEN media

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