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PARKING PROBLEMS: Residents launch petition to extend parking at Harrow Viewpoint

 Published on: 5th December 2021   |   By: Lizzie Ellis   |   Category: Uncategorized

Over 1,500 people have signed a petition to reinstate the right for people to visit a pub and viewpoint in Pinner at more flexible hours, following parking restrictions being implemented. 

Some residents believe the parking restrictions at The Viewpoint at Old Redding Car Park, The Case is Altered Pub and The Old Redding Country Road, implemented by Harrow Council, is having a negative impact on the community.

The petition claims: “When introducing these restrictions Harrow Council did not conduct a proper consultation and did not go through a formal approval process. 

“Harrow Council issued an off-street parking places public notice stating that the Car Park would be operating from 8 am until 11:30 pm, however, they are closing the car park at 4 pm. In October 2021 Harrow council installed double yellow lines on both sides of the entire length of Old Redding Road.”

Campaigners are calling for an increase in the hours of operation of the car park until 11:30 pm and/or removal of the double yellow lines both sides of the length of the road.

A Harrow Council spokesperson said: “The car park at Old Redding exists to allow visitors to enjoy the Viewpoint open space. Historically the car park has been a source of anti-social and criminal activities that have detrimentally affected residents and degraded the condition of the car park and surroundings. 

“Much of the anti-social behaviour is late at night/after dark. The current closing times have been in place since before the car park closed for refurbishment and are similar to the closing times for other parks and open spaces.

“Whilst the car park was closed members of the public started parking on the road outside. The road here is very narrow and this presented a risk to road users. A traffic regulation order was introduced and yellow lines were installed.

“The owner and leaseholder for the Case is Altered were informed of the planned reopening, the times of operation and that there would be yellow lines placed on the highway. They have raised the concerns about the impact of the closing times of the car park on their customer numbers. Harrow Council is working with the premises in relation to alternative options.

“Since the car park reopened there has been further anti-social behaviour reported at the site including damage to the car park itself. We will continue to monitor the issues at the car park and, once satisfied the issues have been addressed, will consider whether the hours of operating should be maintained or changed.”

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