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ONE IN SIX: Herts Domestic Abuse Helpline issue Father’s Day reminder

 Published on: 19th May 2021   |   By: News Bulletin   |   Category: Uncategorized

This Father’s Day won’t be a day full of celebration for everyone.

Did you know that 1 in 6 men will experience some form of domestic abuse in their lifetime?

That might surprise you, but for the c750,000 men in the UK who are victims each year, it’s very real indeed.

Around half of the men who experience domestic abuse don’t tell anyone they’re a victim.

Sadly, as with mental health, we live in a society where there is a stigma around men reaching out for support.

How often have you heard someone say, ‘man up’? It’s incredibly unhelpful and does nothing other than make men feel ashamed and embarrassed to ask for help or report abuse. 

Domestic abuse has the same terrible impact on men and women: physically, emotionally, sexually and financially. It certainly does not discriminate. Over the past five years, on average 12 men per year have been killed by a partner or ex-partner. Male domestic abuse is a very real problem. Being a victim is not a sign of weakness. No one deserves it. 

If you’re in an abusive relationship, you might think: I won’t be believed, no one will support me, I have no idea where I stand legally, especially with my children, people will think my partner just has me ‘under the thumb’ and laugh at me, admitting I’m being abused makes me less of a ‘real man’.

NONE OF THIS IS TRUE. It can be a hard thing to do, but the first step is to talk.

Our trained call takers listen without judgement and will signpost you to help, whether it be financial or legal, counselling, family support or housing advice.

Our Helpline is confidential, anonymous and you do not have to give any more details than you want to.

It’s a safe space to talk through your options.

If you’re experiencing domestic abuse, call us FREE on 08 088 088 088 (Mon to Fri 9am to 9pm, Sat and Sun 9am to 4pm) or email

Call us FREE on 08 088 088 088 (Mon to Fri 9am to 9pm, Sat and Sun 9am to 4pm) or email

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