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NO MORE: Dog owners in Chalfont St Peter warned to clear up their pet poo bags 

 Published on: 8th February 2021   |   By: Amneet Kaur   |   Category: Uncategorized

Chalfont St Peter residents took to social media to complain about “irresponsible dog owners” who fail to dispose of their dog waste bags.

A resident posted an image on Facebook showing dog waste bags abandoned on the footpath from Denham Lane which leads to the golf course.

In the post she wrote: “It’s been building up for months. Which responsible dog owner is going to take it all away or are they expecting the man in the moon to do it? Take your dog poo with you and put it in a proper bin. This is disgusting and a health hazard.

Fellow residents expressed their anger underneath the post and said it happens in other spots in the village too.

One person said: “Saw a couple of dog poops near Gold Hill playground the other day while playing football with my son. It’d be great if dog owners learnt to pick up their dogs poo and binned them. It’s disgusting.”

Another person commented: “I own two dogs and always pick up and take my poo bags home. I’ve even picked up other dogs’ mess when left on the golf course or in the middle of the path. You shouldn’t own a dog if you can’t be responsible and pick up after your dog!!”

Though the mess has now been cleared, residents are demanding dog owners to be more responsible.

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