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Now’s the time to show some Brexit bottle

 Published on: 14th July 2016   |   By: Nik Allen

We’ve had three weeks to digest the result of the EU referendum.

And what a turbulent and rapidly changing period it’s been.

Politiicians resigning left, right and centre but at least now we seem to have some clarity with Theresa May becoming the new Prime Minister.

I nailed my colours to the mast in May by saying I was in the Leave camp. I still believe it’s the best way forward for our country.

I’ve had chats with many of our advertisers, some were firmly for Remaining, others adamant about leaving.

The thoughts that really struck a chord with me were from a friend who voted Remain but quickly accepted democracy had spoken.

He said: “I wasn’t at all happy with the result, in fact it bordered on depression in the first 48 hours after the vote. But we are where we are and the only way is to go forward, work hard and prove a lot of the people doubting the citizens of this country wrong.”

I like his spirit and attitude and I firmly believe now is the time to come together and make this work for everyone.

I received a bit of stick when I posted my first blog about leaving, a couple of people even said I only felt that way because I was middle class and had ‘made my money’. If only the latter were true and having grown up in a small, gritty Welsh village being called ‘middle class’ made me laugh out loud.

I have confidence in Mrs May. Her background isn’t typically Tory and her negotiation skills have been honed in six years at the Home Office. I feel she will handle the Brexit negotiations well and guide us out the other side of all this.

On a business note we have actually seen many advertisers increase their spend with us. The reason why?

Well it seems a lot of them see this uncertainty as an opportunity. As one builder put it ‘the business is still out there you just have to do more to get it and if my rivals stop advertising that leaves a bigger chunk for me to go after.’

He’s showing belief and bottle and I’m joining him as this is the way to make this situation turn out well for all of us.

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