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An Evening with a Genius

 Published on: 3rd November 2014   |   By: Nik Allen

Bob Patmore has been ultra successful across a wide range of industries.

Bob Patmore has been ultra successful across a wide range of industries.

I was lucky enough to spend an evening last week listening to a multi-millionaire who has tasted huge success across a diverse range of industries.

Bob Patmore’s career spans four decades and he’s made his money in professional football, the finance industry, music, personal development and property.

All of this despite (or is it because of?) leaving school with no qualifications.

Bob addressed an audience at an evening hosted by Imagine Estate Agents and raised money for Peace Hospice Care in Watford. It was billed as an evening of inspiration and it certainly lived up to its billing.

What’s so impressive about Bob is he strikes you as being an ordinary bloke but with an extraordinary mindset.

Bob believes that a good attitude, discipline and desire to achieve are the key ingredients to being successful.

His talk covered goal planning, sales skills, recruiting staff, overcoming obstacles and techniques to get the most out of life.

He stressed this importance of eliminate negative thoughts and also being determined and not taking no for an answer.

Bob told a great story about trying to book an appointment to see a surgeon on a specific day but being told several times by the Doctor’s receptionist no slots were left.

Rather than accept what he felt was unfair treatment Bob good humouredly asked a great question. ‘So you’re telling me if Prince Charles rang up today for an appointment and you were fully booked you wouldn’t fit him in?”

Hey presto, the receptionist laughed, saw Bob’s point and found him a time slot.

Now this isn’t simply a man who’s read a few books, gone on courses and surfed the net. This is a man who has been there and actually done it. He has the houses, helicopter and history to back up the ideas he shares.

He also touched on superstition and how it held people back if it was negative.

Not being a superstitious type I’m delighted to announce that My Ruislip News will become the 13th title in our group when it launches in January 2015.

The signs are already positive and I know 13 will be lucky for us.

If you are interested in hearing about the special launch offer we have call me on 01442 257015 or email

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To find out more about Bob Patmore visit:


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